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One on One
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Reprinted from the February 1990 edition of Inside Wrestling

"Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all," it is said. But try telling that to Rick Steiner. He's the guy with the downcast eyes that won't go near a woman anymore because of the shame he feels over the most painful episode of his life: his love affair with Robin Green.

Woman. Soft, evil, seductive. Once she was frumpy and innocent; she even wore horn-rimmed glasses. She pounded Steiner like no male opponent ever had.

At first, she was an interested fan waiting to meet Rick and get his autograph. Robin Green caught Steiner's interest and captured his heart. It was wrestling's love affair of the decade.

Then Robin started to change. When Steiner and NWA announcer Jim Ross showed up at her apartment, they were greeted by a noticeably different Robin: The glasses were gone, the hair was teased, and she was dressed in a seductive black leather outfit.

But Rick didn't see a changed woman. He saw the same old Robin he fell in love with. So, he made an appointment with Robin to ask her "a very important question." Rick wasn't ready for their scheduled rendez-vous, so he sent Scott to meet her. Scott was met by a pair of masked thugs, who dragged him into Robin's limo and gave him a beating.

Woman soon let the world know she was fooling Rick all along, just using him as part of her plan to make her mark on wrestling and reveal her new tag team: Doom.

As Woman succeeded in making her mark on wrestling, Rick is shattered. He still wants an explanation for what happened. Inside Wrestling gave him the chance to talk to his former love... "One on One."

Rick Steiner: Robin... uh, Woman, I... I still can't believe... I mean, how could you... what would ever... you're evil, Woman, you're downright evil!

Woman: You're a jerk, Rick, just like all other men...

RS: All the other... ?

W: What? Did you think you were the first? You're just like every other man: egotistical, self-centered, but you don't know what's going on right in front of your very eyes. Be serious, Rick, did you really believe that librarian getup? Can't you see below the surface?

RS: But you were so... what happened? I can't believe you're the same person as Robin. I can't believe that anyone so evil could appear to be so sweet. I don't... I mean, it's just not right!

W: Get this through your thick skull, buddy: Robin never existed. She was a figment of your imagination, some kind of innocent little plaything that you hoped existed. I'm sure there are plenty of girls like Robin out there, but they're not me. They're not Woman. I'm far too much for you to handle.

RS: Look, I don't know why you want to destroy me and my brother. What have we ever done to you? Why did you beat up Scott? Why are you sending Doom against us-with loaded masks, yet. What's with you? Why?

W: Because you're there. It's as simple as that, so why don't you face it. Nothing personal, honey, but you remind me of an old rag, perfect to wipe my hands on. When I was looking to break into the NWA, you seemed to be the perfect target. You've done nothing to me, and we beat up your brother because he happened to get in the way. And I'm sending Doom against you boys because the spotlight's on, the cameras are rolling, and we need a steppingstone.



RS: Let me tell you something, Robin... uh, Woman. Doom is doomed. Me and Scotty aren't gonna be any steppingstones to anywhere for anyone. Everybody who saw "Halloween Havoc" saw how we completely dominated your team, and the only way Doom won was because one of your masked thugs hit me in the head with a piece of steel loaded in his mask.

W: Excuses, excuses. The fact of the matter is that you lost, we won, and Doom is rising through the NWA, shooting right to the top. I'll admit that my boys are a little inexperienced, But I'm gonna give them all the experience they'll need, and when that happens, we'll tear you boys to shreds. Here's one thing to remember, my boy: You and your brother are only the first step. We have bigger goals in sight. Within a few months, you'll only be a memory.

RS: There's an old saying Woman. "Fool me twice..." No, wait, it's "Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me." Well, fool the NWA twice, shame on us all.

W: What are you babbling about?

RS: What I mean is that everyone in the NWA knows about you now. Sure, you fooled me, Robin Green and all that. But everyone knows what you are, and everyone's gonna be real careful about what you do from now on. Sure, you blindsided me, you suckered me in, but it's not gonna happen to anyone ever again. Yo've gotten as far as you'll ever get in the NWA, and there's plenty of good men around here who'll make sure of that.

W: You still don't get the picture, do you? If Doom and I just came into the NWA like an ordinary, run-of-the-mill tag team, we would've had to start at the bottom, wrestling all of these bums, then waste a year working our way to the top. But by using you, we hit paydirt right away. You and Scott are a step away from the World tag team title, and because we went right after you from the start, we're a step away, too. The only difference is that you had to waste a few years working your way up. Now that we're where we are, we don't need any help. Doom is indestructible, and we'll do the rest on our own.

RS: Doom isn't indestructible at all. We'll destroy 'em, me and Scotty, and then you'll be left with nothing, the same way you left me.

W: You know, Rick, you really weren't all that bad. You're cute, but you're also a little too innocent. You're gonna have to learn the ways of the world in a hurry, and in this world, being s goody-two-shoes gets you nowhere. Maybe one day, if you change, we can make a pretty good team.

RS: Forget it, Woman. I fell for your garbage once, and I learned my lesson. Anyone else who falls for you is in for more trouble than they bargained. Speaking of trouble, you and Doom'll be in a mess of it when me and Scotty are done with you. Believe it, Woman.

More to come ...

Nancy has worked for Asistencia Asesoria y Administracion, Championship Wrestling from Florida, Continental Championship Wrestling, Eastern Championship Wrestling, Extreme Championship Wrestling, International Championship Wrestling, International Wrestling All Stars, Polynesian Pacific Championship Wrestling, Tri-State Wrestling Alliance, and World Championship Wrestling, among other promotions


Real Name: Nancy Elizabeth Daus-Sullivan-Benoit

Aliases: The Angel, The Fallen Angel, Robin Green, Woman

Date Of Birth: May 17, 1963

Professional Wrestling Debut: July 07, 1984 at the Lakeland Civic Center in Lakeland, Florida



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