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November to Remember 1994 will long be remembered for laying the groundwork down to what would become The Sandman's status as an icon in Extreme Championship Wrestling.

The event, which was held on November 5 was to feature The Sandman's retirement party, but by the end of the night fans were a witness to much more.

To properly explain everything that happened we must go back to an 'I Quit' match between The Sandman and Tommy Dreamer that occurred on October 1, 1994.

The Sandman and Tommy Dreamer were embedded in a vicious feud that saw both men giving all that they could. The 'I Quit' match, was, in a way the final step in a battle that had gone on for months. The Sandman and Woman entered the ring first. Tommy Dreamer followed and soon the match was on. Both men battled in and outside of the ring using objects such as a car part and a chair. Tommy Dreamer controlled the early stages of the match sending The Sandman to the ground with the afore mentioned objects. The Sandman however, was able to turn his fortunes around when he jabbed Tommy Dreamer while Dreamer was trying to send him over the guardrail. The final stages of the match saw The Sandman give Tommy Dreamer two deadly piledrivers. Between the first and second piledriver The Sandman lit a cigarette and began smoking. Tommy Dreamer, feeling the effects of the two maneuvers stood dazed on his knees while The Sandman punched him. It took The Sandman's cockiness of blowing smoke into his face however, to make Dreamer react. Dreamer shoved the lit cigarette into one of The Sandman's eyes. Woman, who was already on the ring apron entered and nailed Dreamer on the back with the Singapore cane. Tommy Dreamer grabbed the cane away and smacked The Sandman in the face causing damage to the other eye.

Woman, the referee, and Tommy Dreamer stood stunned in reaction to what they had just seen and done. Woman rushed to the aid of The Sandman. E.C.W. officials, wrestlers, and medical attention arrived to the scene. The Sandman was rushed to the backstage area. The Public Enemy, The Pit Bull, and Tommy Cairo held Woman backstage, preventing her from attacking Dreamer.

The Sandman, Tommy Dreamer, and Woman

The Sandman, Tommy Dreamer, and Woman

Joey Styles introduced the segment to the TV audience using the following quote, among other words: "Nobody in Extreme Championship Wrestling expected this feud ... this war between Tommy Dreamer and The Sandman [pause] to end up like this."

Later on, Tommy Dreamer gave his perspective on what happened in a heart-filled interview. "Sandman, everything that I do in my life ... in my career I do for you," he said apologizing for what happened.

In the weeks that followed a video montage was shown recapping what had happened. Then, in a statement by phone from Key West, Florida Woman had the following things to say: "It is tragic this mess has occurred and left The Sandman without a career. I mean, in my estimation The Sandman's performance was ooh good. Nevertheless, under my management he's made me quite financially sound like many others I have managed: Kevin Sullivan: my husband, former World Champion: Ric Flair, Steiners, Doom, D.C. Drake ... well [laughs] just to name a few. But now Joey, you must understand under these circumstances he is of no use to me. The show must go on and I must go on. I am the hottest attraction on the show today. The rating, the record gate attendance: all due to me. And I'm not about to halt nine years of momentum just because a stereotypical wrestler that I picked up out of the gutter and raised to new prominence didn't learn to cover up his eye. So yes, on November 5 I will be there to see The Sandman's retirement party, but he will not see my presentation on the fifth as I will announce the wrestler that I plan to lead to unheard of heights as the career of Woman, the most important, influential individual in professional wrestling today."



Videos that recapped what had happened thus far were once again shown.

Tommy Cairo. The Sandman's former foe was interjected into this whole ordeal. Cairo, who had feuded with The Sandman months earlier talked with Joey Styles via satellite. He gave his opinion on what had happened and had very unflattering things to say about the whole incident. This angered Tommy Dreamer. A match pitting the two men against each other was soon signed. The two men would meet on November 5 to go along with The Sandman's retirement party and Woman's announcement.

More videos recapping what had happened thus far were again shown to gain more interest for the upcoming event.

The mystery of who Woman was going to manage raged on, and in a match involving Tony Stetson and Tommy Dreamer fans saw who Woman wanted as her new charge, or did they? As the match was coming to a close Woman stepped up upon the ring apron and threw The Sandman's Singapore cane into the ring. The cane went above Stetson's head and landed in the hands of Dreamer. Woman dropped down and left. Dreamer used the cane to nail Stetson on the head and won the match. Did Woman intentionally throw the cane to Dreamer? Was the cane meant for Stetson? The situation created more questions than answers.

Finally. November to Remember was here. Tommy Dreamer was victorious over Tommy Cairo in a brutal battle that saw Cairo bleed profusely from his head after getting continuously hit by Dreamer with the Singapore cane.

Then, in what the entire E.C.W. was waiting for: The Sandman was introduced to the crowd by Tod Gordon. The Sandman gave a heart-filled speach that led to Peaches, The Sandman's estranged wife to enter the ring. It looked as if the couple was going to reunite after a passionate kiss, but they were interrupted by Woman who thought it was time for her to introduce her new aquisition.

Peaches, seeing her old foe, confronted her with harsh words, but Woman was ready and knocked her out with a swift shot to her head with the Singapore cane. Woman then went after Tod Gordon, wanting to be alone in the ring with The Sandman. The Sandman had backed into the corner by this time and was throwing punches into the air to hopefully fend off any attack. Unfortunately however, he hit Tod Gordon and was now left alone in the ring with his former manager.

Tommy Dreamer ran to the ring and stopped Woman from causing any damage. He took the Singapore cane away from her and threw it to the ground. Bad move. The Sandman came out of the corner and took off the patches that were covering his eyes. He was not blind. He could see anything and everything, including the Singapore cane that was laid in front of him.


The Sandman pummeled Dreamer from pillar to post using the Singapore cane in the most vicious of ways. He then took off his belt and continued to beat Dreamer.

"We did it. We did it to them all. Every single one of them. We did it. [laughs] Yes, we got Tommy Dreamer to take care of Tommy Cairo. This one my friend is dedicated to you. And let's not forget Miss Peaches. Oh no, we lured you right out there too, honey. You were right out there with them. Yes, this one's dedicated to you, my dear. [laughs] And Tommy Dreamer. Oh, Tommy, 'I'm gonna wrestle for The Sandman because I feel so bad for taking his eye out,' 'Oh, I feel so bad,' 'I can't stand it,' 'I can't live with myself.' [gasp] This one's dedicated to you Dreamer. [kissing noises] Oh yeah, Dreamer. [laughs] But this one ... this one is the sweetest one of all. Oh yeah, the sweetest one. This one is dedicated to the fan. To every single fan who fell for it. Every single one of you out there who thought for a minute, 'Oh, The Sandman,' 'Oh my gosh, The Sandman,' 'Is he gonna be okay?,' 'Is everything gonna be alright?,' ' Will he ever wrestle again?,' [laughs] Yeah. This one's dedicated to you my friends. The very sweetest because of a master plan ... and a man who pulled it off only because of one woman. Not just a woman my friends, but Woman," Woman later said in an interview.

The Sandman followed with "All your adulation."

"Up in smoke," responded Woman.

The Sandman and Woman

The Sandman and Woman

The Sandman and Woman

The Sandman and Woman