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Press Conference: Woman
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Reprinted from the February 1990 edition of Pro Wrestling Illustrated and the May 1990 edition of Wrestling USA

Take a look at her. Get a good glimpse of her flowing brown hair, piercing dark eyes, and knockout figure. She's Woman, formerly known as Robin Green, and she may be the most beautiful female in the sport today.

Go ahead and look-but don't you dare touch. Rick Steiner did, and now he's suffering the greatest pain that he's ever felt in his career. It's all because of the incredible evil that lies beneath Woman's gorgeous exterior.

For months, the bespectacled Green trailed Steiner throughout NWA arenas, proclaiming her love for him. Slow to notice her, Steiner finally got wind of Green's intentions when she leaped into his arms as he made his way to the ring. Soon, the pair began a romance that warmed hearts across the country.

But the odd relationship had just begun when this formerly frumpy girl underwent a startling metamorphosis. Suddenly, she went from rags to riches, from slovenly outfits to revealing bustiers, skintight pants, and designer shoes. She also started racking up huge purchases on Steiner's credit cards, but Rick didn't seem to care. He was head over heels in love.

Rick was so smitten with her that he set up a meeting so he could ask Robin "a very important question." But Green used the occasion to have three masked men rough up Scott Steiner in a limousine. The love affair was clearly over-and the hate that raged through Woman's heart was displayed to the world.

Today, Woman wants to be the most powerful woman in the history of the sport-and she's recruited Kevin Sullivan and a masked tag team known as Doom to help her in that quest. Senior Writer Dave Rosenbaum and Associate Editors Bob Smith and Andy Rodriguez were in Atlanta to speak with Woman about her plans.

Bob Smith: Woman, we appreciate your allowing us to conduct this interview in this lavish hotel suite, but I wish it had been under better circumstances. I can understand why you want to be a manager, but why did you have to try to destroy the Steiner brothers?

Woman: That shows just how much you know about this sport, you cretin. Women have been second-class citizens in the wrestling world for long enough. Who cares about women's wrestling anymore? Almost nobody. And when women are involved in the sport, such as that tacky Missy Hyatt, they usually accept menial valet positions. That's why I knew I had to make a statement, to make myself the talk of the entire NWA. I think I accomplished that quite nicely.

Andy Rodriguez: That you did. Sullivan and those men did some terrible damage when they nearly kicked Scott Steiner's face in, but the worst aspect of all this is what you succeeded in doing to Rick. He's a broken man today. Some people are saying that he'll never be the same again.

Woman: Good. That was exactly my intention. From the very beginning, I wanted to have Rick Steiner's heart on a platter, and that's exactly what I got. You see, he may be a big ape, but Rick is a tremendous natural wrestler. He may be one of the four or five most talented men in the NWA right now. But he is also almost completely stupid, thus vulnerable to being outwitted by anyone with a medicum of intellect. When I found out how dumb he really was, I knew that I could use him to get to the inside of the NWA faster than if I tried to become a manager totally on my own. So getting to Rick's psyche was the first part of my plan.

Dave Rosenbaum: You also proved your skills as an actress, because that guy really fell for you in a big way. He really loved you.

Woman: You bet he did. Rick would have done anything for me. He would have swimmed the deepest ocean, climbed the highest mountain, and all that other mush. Well, love is for idiots, and I surely found one in that Michigan moron. I knew I had an easy mark when I asked him for some money to go shopping. The fool handed me his American Express card, and in just two days I bought thousands of dollars worth of furs, jewelry, and outfits. After I bled him dry financially, I set out to ruin him physically. When he asked me to meet him in that park to "ask me a very important question," I knew the time was right to strike.

Rick Steiner and Robin Green

Rick Steiner and Robin Green

Rodriguez: That you surely did. But it wasn't Rick that felt the brunt of your callous attack-it was Scott.

Woman: Typical Rick Steiner, not showing up on time for a date that he set up. The nerd. It's too bad that Scott got the stuffings beaten out of him, but in many respects it was better this way. If there was one person in this world that Rick loved more than me, it was his brother. So this way, we ruined both Steiners at once. I can't tell you how good it felt to rip Rick's heart out of his chest and stomp all over it.

Smith: My God, you're so vindictive! What good did it do you to ruin a man like that?

Woman: Because it let the entire wrestling world know exactly who I really was. I'm not some shrinking violet who needs to stand behind a man to make her mark in the world. I am Woman. I am the most calculating brilliant female ever to choose this sport as her path to glory. You see, I took the fighting spirit out of the Steiners gradually, so they could never recover from it. I'm sure you remember my little trick at Clash of the Champions VIII.

Rosenbaum: How could anyone forget? That was when you tripped Scott during the Steiner's title match against the Freebirds. There was some confusion at the time, but now everyone knows it was you who cost the Steiners the NWA World tag team championship.

Woman: That's right. That was the second phase of my plan. First, I had Rick so dumbstruck by my beauty that he couldn't think straight. Then, I tripped Scott, which started the brothers arguing with each other. Finally, the big bang: the limo attack. And now they are destroyed.

Rodriguez: So you say. But I've spoken to both Rick and Scott in the last few days, and they can't wait to get their hands on Doom and Sullivan.

Woman: Just let them try! I've got an army of virile, incredible, real men to protect my interests now. It was Sullivan who put the final notches on Scott's head during the limo attack. I like him because he's just like me-evil through and through. As for Doom, well, they're going to be the greatest tag team ever seen in the NWA. More powerful than The Road Warriors. Most devastating than The Skyscrapers. And every bit as skillful as The Midnight Express. You see, many managers are making the mistake of signing only the biggest, strongest, men they can find. That's not what wins championships. You have to know how to put your mind to work, too, and that's why Sullivan and Doom are going to lead me to greatness. And they're just the beginning, boys.

Smith: Perhaps. But at this point, you've done all of your damage from outside the ring. What will happen if some of these bruisers get their hands on you? Rick Steiner now says that his greatest wish is to corner you alone in the ring so he can hurt you the same you hurt him.

Woman: I don't want that goon anywhere near me. Ugh! It's just unimaginable what I had to put up with during my supposed courtship. The big fool would tell me he was going to take me out for a romantic dinner, then he would send out for pizza while we sat in his cramped apartment watching TV. Several times, the unwashed louse tried to hold my hand or kiss me, but I managed to avoid it. Rest assured that if he ever gets near me again, I will be totally protected by my new army. After all, what man wouldn't want to be involved with me? How can any red-blooded male resist my obvious charms?

Rosenbaum: I hate to tell you this, but I can't think of anyone who wants to have anything to do with you anymore. You may be beautiful, but you might be the most hated personality in the sport, especially by the fans. They'll never forgive you because of what you've done to Rick.

Woman: Hey, they ain't seen nothin' yet, baby. (laughs) I don't give a damn about the way the fans feel about me. You three stooges are too worried about pondering to those fools, anyway. You all are seeing the beginning of a totally new era in this sport-the era of Woman. Never before has a female manager been able to succeed in the NWA, but I'm going to change all that. Forget Precious, Missy, and all the other dogs that have been running around here. Just wait'll you see what I've got up my sleeve. It'll make what I did to the Steiners look like a Tupperware party. And Paul Ellering, Teddy Long, and Gary Hart had best beware, too. Woman is going to be number one. I shall not be denied. And remember-the Steiners were just the beginning.

Wrestling USA, May 1990

Wrestling USA, May 1990