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Kevin Sullivan: His Mysterious Hold Over His Slave Girls!
By Lucy Taylor

Reprinted from the January 1985 edition of Wrestling Scene

One of the most bizarre scenes in the history of professional wrestling astonished fans recently at St. Petersburg's Bay Front Center. To the strains of macabre music, a frenzied Kevin Sullivan stalked to the ring, his forehead and cheeks smeared with weird cultist marks, a live boa constrictor writhing sinuously about his muscular torso.

As if this scene weren't horrifying enough, Sullivan was accompanied to the ring by the two female servants who Sullivan has identified only as The Fallen Angel and The Lock. The Fallen Angel was the first of Sullivan's "slaves," a strikingly beautiful brunette wearing a collar and chains, who reacts to Sullivan's slightest command as though spellbound by him.

Not long ago, however, Sullivan added yet another female assistant to his weird retinue. Her name is given only as The Lock, and, until recently, she stayed hidden in an ankle-length black robe with a hood pulled far down over her eyes, making it virtually impossible to see her features.

But Florida fans who had wondered about The Lock's appearance were in for a surprise. For when Sullivan issued a command to The Fallen Angel, The Lock ran up, too, and the two women got into a shoving match over who was to have the honor of doing their master's bidding. Suddenly, to everyone's amazement, The Lock threw off her shroudlike robe to reveal a skintight, neon pink outfit just as provocative as the scantly costumes worn by The Fallen Angel.

At the sight of The Lock flaunting herself before Sullivan and the fans, The Fallen Angel went wild and appeared ready to tear out The Lock's hair.

In spite of the battle that nearly ensued between the two women when The Lock took off her robe, The Fallen Angel, who was allowed to speak during a rare interval when Sullivan was out of the State of Florida, maintained, "The Lock and I aren't jealous of each other. Kevin and I are just trying to make sure she stays under control. Besides," she added, toying with one of the huge snakes that Sullivan keeps for use in his secret rituals, "there's no doubt that I'm Kevin's favorite."

Because The Lock's face has been kept hidden and she either refuses or is forbidden to speak, fans have speculated that she might have some hideous deformity or be incapable of speech. But The Fallen Angel explained, "Lock's face is hidden to keep her in darkness, to protect her from the Forces of Light."

Is the Angel's explanation the only reason that Sullivan has chosen to keep Lock's appearance a secret?

Could it also be that Sullivan knew-and feared-the reaction of Blackjack Mulligan when and if he actually got a good look at the woman?

The Fallen Angel and Kevin Sullivan

The Fallen Angel and Kevin Sullivan

Only a few weeks ago, Mulligan had wrenched back the hood covering The Lock's face, only to stagger back, half blinded, when the strange, vicious girl spit some kind of venom into his eyes. Nevertheless, a shaken Mulligan was adamant that the apparently demented creature that Sullivan calls The Lock was actually an old friend of the Mulligan family, a girl who grew up in his neighborhood and went to school with Barry Windham.

"I can't believe it," said a hurt and bewildered Mulligan. "Barry grew up with that little girl. She was raised in Texas, a real sweet innocent little thing. It's unbelievable what Sullivan has done to her. And I'm going to get her away from that maniac if it's the last thing I do!"

Sullivan sneered with disdain at the possibility that Mulligan could break the hold he has over The Lock, a psychological hold more powerful than any wrestling maneuver. "Kevin named her The Lock because he keeps her under lock and key," said The Fallen Angel, "and there's no way that Mulligan or anyone else will take her away from us. Kevin and I will make sure Mulligan never gets her," she added with a nasty cackle.

"And if The Lock ever does try to get out of our power, I'll take care of her myself, by beating her with my own hands!"

As if that weren't enough, the Fallen Angel admitted that she and Sullivan keep a variety of weapons, including whips, on hand for events such as a rebellion on the part of one of the "slaves."

While The Fallen Angel talked, she seemed entranced by the boa constrictor that was draped casually about her shoulders, hissing softly as it slithered over her waist and neck. What could possibly have caused this young woman, who was in a Boston college majoring in psychology when she came under Sullivan's influence, to abandon all hopes for a normal life and exist only to serve her crazed Master?

"The Force of Darkness is more powerful than the Force of Light," she said, casually stroking the reptile that glided over her skin. "I love power, and I'm happy that I've found it. Anything you can imagine is possible within the power of darkness."

So fierce is the Angel's loyalty to Satanic Sullivan that she not only endures his brutality, but appears to take pleasure in it: "I never disobey Kevin; I expect to be kept in line."

Just speaking of Sullivan, though, the Angel appeared restless, glancing nervous about as though expecting her master to return at any moment.

She insisted, however, that Sullivan was away on one of his frequent pilgrimages to an unknown place, where The Mysterious One advises him on the matters of cosmic wisdom, teaching about powers that enable the taking of the minds of others.

"Often I accompany Kevin when he goes there, but right now I'm keeping watch on The Lock," said The Fallen Angel. "When it's all over and Sullivan rules, then The Lock and I will be at his side."

What diabolical plan was The Fallen Angel referring to?

A look of fear suddenly passed over The Angel's face, and she hurriedly ended the interview.

"The Master doesn't allow me to talk about such things," she whispered and mysteriously.

Wrestling Scene, January 1985

Wrestling Scene, January 1985