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Kevin Sullivan's Slave Girls!
By Mike Edison

Reprinted from the June 1986 edition of Wrestling's Main Event

Of all the valets in Professional Wrestling, none are as infatuated with their master as Kevin Sullivan's sultry sidekicks. Here's a look at some of the slavegirls who have fallen under Sullivan's spell!

The foundation of a slave/master relationship is rooted deeply on the dark side-in the darkness of pain and the sinful pleasures of flesh, in the twisted labyrinths of the Hellfire Club and in the world of Kevin Sullivan. Fueled by passion and brimstone, Sullivan has lusted and conquered. Born of Darkness and coronated on earth, he is the Mojo King.

Perhaps the greatest testament to the powers of darkness and the hoodoovoodoo in Kevin's loins is Sullivan's Number One, the hauntingly beautiful Fallen Angel. This menacing vixen came as a gift from Sullivan's Buddha Dhein and has remained his greatest asset. Together they walk the left hand path, Sullivan beating his Angel the whole way. That's part of the trip, and don't think that the Fallen Angel doesn't enjoy every stroke of his whip.

If Florida fans were stunned when Sullivan beat his precious in the middle of the ring, hurting and humiliating her, they were aghast when they realized she was loving it-absorbing the cruelty, the darkness of pain turned into pleasure-and becoming more of a threat with each slap of Sullivan's hand across her pretty face. She seemed to become more menacing as the lust between her and her master grew, and as she became more involved with Kevin's matches his opponents began to feel the heat as well. Together they waged war on Blackjack Mulligan, Angel distracting the popular Texan while Sullivan bloodied him up. It was an effective strategy.

Evil was thick in the muggy Florida air and the entrance of a new woman didn't help. The Lock came onto the scene, vying for Sullivan's attention, yearning for her master's whip. Dedicated to darkness, she was a useful asset in Kevin's feud with Mulligan, but unfortunately the less attractive Lock was a catalyst for the jealousy of Fallen Angel.

The Fallen Angel, Kevin Sullivan, and The Lock

The Fallen Angel, Kevin Sullivan, and The Lock

Catfights broke out between the two before matches. There was a ripple in the darkness of Sullivan's camp and it was Mulligan who quelled the storm by rescuing the Lock, liberating her from the powers of Satan and sending her home to her parents and back to school with none other than Kendall Windham, Blackjack's son and would be pro-wrestler.

Undaunted, Sullivan continued with the delectable Fallen Angel at his side and under his thumb, a relationship which apparently became her. She is Kevin's most coveted possession-in her hands she holds the evil in the hearts of men.

Following his True Will and with no intention of replacing the Fallen Angel, Sullivan enlisted the younger and savory venom of Angel "Luna" Vachon. Kevin has shown her the darkness, bathed her in pain and held her soul in his teeth. He has tanned her hide and blackened her heart, until she has become a first class female warrior. She is fresh as a rose just moments after the funeral, thorns thick with the blood of Heaven. She is the new version of the femme fatale, perhaps not as sultry and sinuous as Fallen Angel, but deadly in the ring. She made short work of Lady Maxine, a woman nearly two heads taller than herself and a liberal challenge to Sullivan's fetish for domination.

But now she faces perhaps an even greater challenge against a woman who has seen a shadowy glimmer of the darkness and defected from Sullivan's own legion of doom, the Lock. With the blood of the Windham/Mulligan family behind her she is back in Florida to take care of Luna and help combat the forces of darkness while aiding Barry and Blackjack, mach men of a different variety, respond to the call of chivalry and take umbrage at the misogynistic world of Kevin Sullivan.

Yes, he's a macho man. Hell-he's the Mojo King, a Betal chewing man whose women like to be beaten by him. The little girls may cling to Barry and Kendall, but the angels forsaken of Heaven and the lusty lunatics will flock to the darkness, seduced by the powers of Kevin Sullivan.

Wrestling's Main Event, June 1986

Wrestling's Main Event, June 1986